class ROBundle::File

This class represents a Research Object Bundle file. See the RO Bundle specification for more details.

Public Class Methods

create(filename) → File click to toggle source
create(filename, mimetype) → File
create(filename) {|container| ...}
create(filename, mimetype) {|container| ...}

Create a new RO Bundle file on disk and open it for editing. A custom mimetype for the bundle may be specified but is unnecessary if the default, “application/vnd.wf4ever.robundle+zip”, will be used.

Please see the UCF documentation for much more information and a list of all the other methods available in this class. RDoc does not list inherited methods, unfortunately.

Calls superclass method
# File lib/ro-bundle/file.rb, line 44
def File.create(filename, mimetype = MIMETYPE, &block)
  super(filename, mimetype, &block)