class ROBundle::Agent

A class to represent an agent in a Research Object. An agent can be, for example, a person or software.

Public Class Methods

new(name, uri = nil, orcid = nil) click to toggle source

Create a new Agent with the supplied details. If uri or orcid are not absolute URIs then they are set to nil.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/agent.rb, line 21
def initialize(first, uri = nil, orcid = nil)
  if first.instance_of?(Hash)
    name = first[:name]
    uri = first[:uri]
    orcid = first[:orcid]
    name = first

  @structure = {
    :name => name,
    :uri => Util.is_absolute_uri?(uri) ? uri.to_s : nil,
    :orcid => Util.is_absolute_uri?(orcid) ? orcid.to_s : nil

Public Instance Methods

name → string click to toggle source

The name of this agent.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/agent.rb, line 41
def name
orcid → URI click to toggle source

An ORCID identifier URI for this agent.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/agent.rb, line 58
def orcid
to_json(options = nil) → String click to toggle source

Write this Agent out as a json string. Takes the same options as JSON#generate.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/agent.rb, line 67
def to_json(*a)
uri → URI click to toggle source

A URI identifying the agent. This should, if it exists, be a WebID.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/agent.rb, line 50
def uri