class ROBundle::Annotation

A class to represent an Annotation in a Research Object.

Public Class Methods

new(target, content = nil) click to toggle source

Create a new Annotation with the specified “about” identifier. A new annotation ID is generated and set for the new annotation. The content parameter can be optionally used to set the file or URI that holds the body of the annotation.

An annotation id is a UUID prefixed with “urn:uuid” as per RFC4122.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/annotation.rb, line 26
def initialize(object, content = nil)
  if object.instance_of?(Hash)
    @structure = object
    @structure = {}
    @structure[:about] = object
    @structure[:annotation] = UUID.generate(:urn)
    @structure[:content] = content

Public Instance Methods

annotation_id → String click to toggle source

Return the annotation id of this Annotation.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/annotation.rb, line 68
def annotation_id
content click to toggle source

The identifier for a resource that contains the body of the annotation.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/annotation.rb, line 52
def content
content = new_content click to toggle source

Set the content of this annotation.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/annotation.rb, line 60
def content=(new_content)
  @structure[:content] = new_content
target click to toggle source

The identifier for the annotated resource. This is considered the target of the annotation, that is the resource the annotation content is “somewhat about”.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/annotation.rb, line 44
def target
to_json(options = nil) → String click to toggle source

Write this Annotation out as a json string. Takes the same options as JSON#generate.

# File lib/ro-bundle/ro/annotation.rb, line 77
def to_json(*a)