ZIP Container Format Ruby Library


Robert Haines



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© 2013 The University of Manchester, UK


This is a Ruby library for working with ZIP Container files. See the ODF and UDF specifications for more details.

This library is a work in progress! Until we release version 1.0.0 you can expect the API to change in incompatible ways, although we will try to keep this to an absolute minimum. Once version 1.0.0 is released we will be following the principles of Semantic Versioning for our version numbering scheme.

There are some examples of how to use the library provided in the examples directory. See the contents of the tests directory for even more.

What this library can not do yet

The basic requirements of a ZIP Container are all implemented but memory resident ZIP Container files are not yet supported. Presently all operations are performed on files that are resident on disk as the underlying rubyzip library currently cannot do anything else.