Scufl2 Workflow language API

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Package Description

Scufl2 Workflow language API

A WorkflowBundle is the main entry point for description of a workflow. It contains several Workflows, one of which is the WorkflowBundle.getMainWorkflow(). A workflow is configured for execution in a Profile, one of which is the WorkflowBundle.getMainProfile().

You can load and save WorkflowBundle instances using WorkflowBundleIO as long as the implementations from the modules scufl2-t2flow and scufl2-rdfxml are discoverable the classpath or available as OSGi services, alternatively implementations of WorkflowBundleReader and WorkflowBundleWriter can be used independently.

Also see SCUFL 2 API in myGrid wiki and the scufl2 github projecT.

Stian Soiland-Reyes, Alan Williams, David Withers, Paolo Missier

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